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Worldwide ERC Summary Appraisal Report
The Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council) Summary Appraisal Report is utliized by appraisers in order to estimate the most probable sale price of an employee's primary residence.  The ERC Sumary Appraisal Report is also used to assist an employer, either directly or though the use of a third party relocation management firm, in facilitating the employee relocation process.  The information contained in this report can also address some of a transferee's concerns about relocating, easing stress and helping maintain the employee's productivity.

 Mortgage Loan Appraisals
The Uniform Residential Appraisal Report UAD Version 9/2011 (Fannie Mae Form 1004) is a commonly used residential real estate appraisal form.  Also known as the mortgage appraisal, it is designed for use with single-family homes, including those with ancillary units  or "in-law" apartments.  The Form 1004 UAD is used extensively by lenders and other investors for purchase and refinancing purposes.  The Form 1004, non UAD version, is also used for formal tax appeals, condemnation proceedings, contested marital suits and to establish property values for estate planning and probate matters.  The Form 1004, non-UAD version, is typically used for any situation involving single-family dwellings in which court testimony is anticipated.

Individual Condominiums
The Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report (Fannie Mae Form 1073) is designed for individual condominium units and is extensively used by lenders and other investors for purchase and refinancing purposes.

Small Residential Income Property Report
The Small Residential Income Property Report (Fannie Mae Form 1025) is used by lenders and other investors for purchase and refinancing purposes.  This report is for small, two-to-four family rental units which may or may not be owner occupied.  In addition to providing data on comparable sales, this report generates data on comparable rentals.  The report also includes an Operating Income analysis and provides a gross rent multiplier utilizing the Income approach.

Retrospective Appraisals
There is sometimes a need for a property to be appraised as of a prior date in time.  Typically this is done for probate matters or any situation where a retrospective value is needed.  The most common form used is the Fannie Mae Form 1004, non UAD version.  Our office has access to a very comprehensive database covering the past twenty years which is a valuable tool in compiling data for a retrospective appraisal.

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